How Do I Start

How Do I Start Using UNITI?

UNITI Software staff have conducted over 70 implementations of UNITI in Health service ranging in size from the smallest Bush Nursing Centre to the largest Metropolitan Hospital.

Our experience has shown us that no matter how big or small the organisation the most critical factor in a successful software implementation is understanding what you need and how you want to do it.

UNITI Software recommends that the first step in all implementations is to clearly define the usage requirements, scope and objectives of the project by completing an Implementation Planning Study (IPS). Depending on the size of the project an IPS can take between a day and a month to complete.  The output of the IPS is the documentation and communication of a comprehensive change Management Plan.

Once we have worked out what you want to do and how you want to do it our experienced staff go about installing UNITI and training your staff with minimal impact on your daily activities.

Once the implementation is complete, the UNITI Helpdesk then provides ongoing support and maintenance, included as part of your licensing arrangement.

UNITI Software recommends that agencies include an annual education update schedule and usage review in their licensing agreements to ensure that they are maximizing their UNITI usage and benefit.

UNITI Software can assist with migrating your existing client demographic data into UNITI, with tools to migrate data from a number of other systems.


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