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It seems like everyone is going mobile! Well so can your nursing workforce with UNITI Mobile for Tablets and smart phones. UNITI Software has been involved in mobile computing projects for more than 10 years. All of the product research and knowledge acquired has gone into UNITI Mobile.

The biggest problem encountered when trying to implement mobile computing is the inconsistency and sometimes unavailability of 3/4G connectivity which means that totally online systems will never be totally reliable. UNITI Mobile is not a web page but rather a dedicated Tablet/Smart Phone app that provides access to client data even when you are offline and can’t get mobile signal and then has the smarts to upload your changes when its back in range.

UNITI Mobile is Road Tested!

In early 2014 each member of the Ballarat District Nursing & Healthcare Nursing workforce was provided with a tablet device. 6 months later BDNH Nursing staff have become expert in their usage and rely on them every day to provide access to information in client’s homes, record visit and care details and even navigate from client to client using Google maps integration.

Research has continually demonstrated that Notes written at the bedside are more accurate and useful, UNITI Mobile gives this power to your agency.

UNITI Mobile Lone Worker Duress and Alert System

The UNITI Mobile Lone Worker Duress and Alert system is designed to provide an extra level of security for staff while they are working in the community. Staff are able to set delayed alerts before they enter a potentially hazardous situation.  Once set alerts are relayed to office based staff who can then locate the worker and track their progress using Global Positioning Satellite technology. A must for the safety conscious Health Service.



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